Practice Tips

It can be so valuable just sitting down and chatting with other didgeridoo players.

It’s those moments where you pick up those random little bits of advice that can really make a difference.

“This is a really great section of lessons! It is like sitting with the masters and listening to them chat about didgeridoo secrets!”
Jason, Norway

Ever get stuck in a rut and can't think of anything new to play? Here is an excellent practice method to help you improve all areas of your didgeridoo playing

An excellent way to strengthen your playing and really lock down your circular breathing and timing is to play along with a practice tempo track. We've recorded a range of practice tracks for you to play along with.

Some good information for those wanting to speed up their playing. It's all about being relaxed and using the least effort

You know the frustration of playing the didgeridoo and sounding fantastic at first... then the sound quality starts to take a turn for the worse. Here are some tips on why and how to fix this problem

When people find out that you play the didgeridoo, it's only a matter of time before someone asks you to perform. AAAARRRRGGHHHH! Don't panic, here is some valuable advice to help get you through

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