Learn How to Play the Didgeridoo…

Learn to play the didgeridoo online, the fun, fast and easy way.

Didgeridoo Dojo is the most comprehensive "learn to play didgeridoo" resource on the planet.

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Didgeridoo Dojo is the most comprehensive Learn to Play Didgeridoo resource on the planet for players of all skill levels.

Recent Member Feedback

We’ve had some great feedback from Dojo members so far, here’s what some of them had to say:

    • “What a fantastic creation! I love that I can get a one on one lesson with Sanshi in Australia while I’m at home in new york.” (Joe, USA)
    • “So happy to be able to watch these videos on the iPad. The videos load easily with no buffeting…Sanshi is a great teacher.” (Jeanell, USA)
    • “Exciting times ahead for didj players. Very clear and delivered well.” (Chris, Australia)
    • “The lessons are great! and clear and not rushed but explained fully loving it! Orse!” (Penny, Australia)

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“I love the Didge Dojo! It is well thought out, constructed and instructed and it is going to be a wonderful resource for Didgeridoo players all over the world!”
Steve, USA