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Welcome to Didgeridoo Dojo…I’m Sanshi

Welcome to the Dojo, its great to have you here! Have a poke around, Like Us on Facebook if you haven’t already (we post updates there first) and let us know if you have any feedback or comments on the site in the comment section at the bottom of each page or by submitting a request on our Contact Us page.

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Our Online Store

A lot of people don’t realise that Didgeridoo Dojo is brought to you by the team from Didge Breath has been running for more than 10 years now and is the largest didgeridoo store on the planet! We ship didgeridoos, accessories and related instruments worldwide.

Video Downloads of Lessons

Video downloads are available for unlimited subscribers. If you have an Unlimited Membership to the Dojo you’ll see links to those lessons below.

MP3 Audio Downloads of Lessons

We have MP3 Audio Downloads available for all lessons – these are for Annual and Unlimited subscribers. The MP3s are a great way to learn to play while you’re on the go or in the car, particularly for some of the more technical lessons like circular breathing!


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The cancellation process for your subscription depends on how you’ve paid. If your subscription is listed below all you need to do is click the cancel button and the system will take care of the cancellation. If your subscription is not listed then you signed up in our old system and you’ll need to submit a request on the Contact Us page as the cancellation process is manual.

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Want to promote Didgeridoo Dojo to your audience and be paid for it? Yes? Then check out the details below.

We pay you a 35% referral fee for every paying customer you refer.

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Other important notes on affiliate commissions:

We pay commissions once a month, generally on the first week of every month.
Minimum commission payout is $50
Commissions to be paid via Paypal
We reserve the right to cancel or withhold commissions if we detect any dodgy-ness or weirdness
We reserve the right to change or amend the conditions of our affiliate program at any time

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Learn How to Play the Didgeridoo…

Learn to play the didgeridoo online, the fun, fast and easy way.

Didgeridoo Dojo is the most comprehensive "learn to play didgeridoo" resource on the planet.



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