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We’ve been getting heaps of emails lately asking about Didge Dojo so we figured we may as well put up a blog post with some of our stats and Dojo fun facts, here goes:

  • on average about 7000 or so people visit Didge Dojo each month, 60% of those people have never been to the site before! (most come back 2-3 times a month)
  • ~10% of visitors use an ipad
  • ~10% of visitors accessing from some other form of mobile device (not ipad)
  • roughly 20% of visitors are from Australia (this one surprised us, we thought there would be a higher percentage of Australian’s)
  • there are now nearly 8000 Didge Dojo users (yeah this one surprised us too!)
  • each month we stream 8000-10000 full lesson videos (this figure doesn’t include half plays or where you rewind the video, only where the video plays until the last 5 seconds). With an average lesson length of 6.5 minutes this means in a single month we now give 50-65,000 minutes of Didgeridoo lessons or 800-1000 hours. Can you imagine if we did that many lessons in group workshops!
  • the top 3 internet browsers Didge Dojo users access the site on are Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (in that order)
  • each month we have people from over 100 countries visit the site, in Feb 2013 had visitors from 116 countries. Some of the more unusual countries include Iraq, Iceland, Jordan, Panama, Guam and Bangladesh

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