This is the advanced techniques section. If there’s a particular technique you want to see in here we’d love to hear from you, drop us a line on the contact us page.


The drop jaw technique allows you to lower the pitch of your drone. It is a great effect that will add more dynamics to your didgeridoo rhythms

This lesson shows you how to take a groove from your favourite song and turn it into a didgeridoo rhythm

Time to step out of your comfort zone and try some new rhythm timing. In this lesson we introduce you to rhythm timing and show you how to play 3, 4 & 5 dot rhythms

In this lesson, we show you how to play the wobble sound. Every didgeridoo player will probably have a different interpretation of the wobble – each will sound different and involve a slightly different technique. This is the first in the wobble lesson series

In this lesson, we show you how to play the wobble sound. This is the second variation in the wobble lesson series.

This lessons shows you how to add an interesting accent or beat to your playing. This technique helps add a little punch to your playing style

Ready to crank your didge playing into the percussive world? Here is the first step to weaving some beat boxing style into your playing

Take your didgeridoo rhythms beyond a single bar by overlapping harmonics to create an ever-evolving rhythm with this technique.

Fining it difficult to put awesome vocal sounds into your favourite rhythms? This lesson will guide you through how to substitute a popping bark vocal into a rhythm

In this lesson, we show you how to play an exciting rhythm by combining the wobble breathing technique with harmonic variation