Rim Shot Zipper Sound

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Lesson overview

In this lesson, Koji is going to show us some beat boxing techniques on the didgeridoo.

Lesson goals

  • Be able to produce the rim shot sound on a didgeridoo
  • Create a beat boxing rhythm using the rim shot sound

Training tips

  • Produce the rim shot sound by saying “ka” while inhaling or sucking air into your mouth. Then add a “ssshh” sound together while sucking the air in.
  • Push the pressure between your tongue and your mouth while trying to make the rim shot sound, and try to make it shorter.
  • Try to add the rim shot sound to 2 more phares to make a rhythm. You can try a kick sound (poop) and high hot sound (psst) plus the rim shot sound all together.
  • Zipper sound is also produced by sucking the air and using the Monalisa Smile. Make sure that your lips are vibrating when you make the sound.
  • Try making the zipper sound short just like the rim shot sound.
  • Try putting the zipper sound along with the other beat box sound.
  • Practice repeating the sounds and do any variations of the sounds whichever order you are comfortable.
  • Now try to make the beat box rhythm on a didgeridoo.
  • Keep practicing.

Give it a try, let us know how you go and if you get stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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