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didgeridoo dojo testimonials, reviews, customer feedback
We’ve had some great feedback from our members so far – check it out below!
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“I love the Didge Dojo! It is well thought out, constructed and instructed and it is going to be a wonderful resource for Didgeridoo players all over the world!”
Steve, USA
  • “What a fantastic creation! I love that I can get a one on one lesson with Sanshi in Australia while I’m at home in new york.” (Joe, USA)
  • “So happy to be able to watch these videos on the iPad. The videos load easily with no buffeting…Sanshi is a great teacher.” (Jeanell, USA)
  • “Exciting times ahead for didj players. Very clear and delivered well.” (Chris, Australia)
  • “The lessons are great! and clear and not rushed but explained fully loving it! Orse!” (Penny, Australia)

    Hey Sanshi,

    Happy New Year.

    My didgplaying is going better and better, I think. Nevertheless, I still have to practise a lot, and now with the tapping sticks, something more to practise.

    It's cool I love it! Thanks for the good teaching!

    Have a nice day!

    Greetings from Jena Marcel

    Jena Marcel

    Hi Sanshi,

    Thanks a lot for your email and your interest in my lerning courve.It was the best idea to register on didgeridoodojo, your lessons are very clear and step by step i realise how to play digeridoo.

    I was looking for a long time to find someone to teach me how to play didgeridoo or to find usefull informations in the web.when i saw didgeridoodojo the first time, it was clear for me, this is the best i can find and i have to use it, meanwhile i am able to use some of your technics and i am very motivated to learn more and more

    First of all the technics for circular breathing were the most difficult things for me, but whith your tips
    and technics i understood how to do it, thanks for this....
    now i try to play didgeridoo since about 3 month every day for more or less 1-2 hours and it becomes better and better.
    for the moment i am really very happy with your teaching videos and i use it almost every day.

    I found more information on how to play didgeridoo than i expected.Maybe it comes the time in the future for searching a special solution, then i would ask you 🙂
    but at the moment every thing is perfect.

    Thanks a lot to you and your crew, it is really the best i could find.

    affectionate regards from bavaria

    Richard from Bavaria


    There's so many awesome things on your site you feel like going through all the lessons at the same time - especially being a beginner 🙂 !!

    So the e-mail courses is a great idea to get the over-motivated ones in a structured progression!!!!

    Cheers mates! And once again, thanks for all the material.


    Hi Sanshi!

    How ya going?

    Got the drone going quite fine - and also smiling back at Mono Lisa!! Looking forward to the vocals...

    Actually to tell you the truth 😉 I've signed up for the yearly membership and have also starting following some of your lessons there but I find the 30 day crash course gives a good rhythm to the learning curve and in the event also a good revision.

    So looking forward to the next ones.

    Have a great weekend,



    I am most of the way through the Beginner section of the lessons, and I am having the best time. The lessons are great and you make them fun. You are a very clear and precise teacher.

    I am having trouble with vocals, so I plan on videoing myself doing them and sending you links to the videos if they still don't sound right. I'll let you know.



    Hi Sanshi

    First of all I would like to give you a great "THANK YOU"!!!! I really estimate your training style.

    The lessons are demanding but with this smile on your face you get the best out of me. At least I hope so 😉 Right at the moment I got to the advanced lessons. I take pains with the wobbling sound. As you desribe: practise, practise, practice.

    I began with didgeridoo playing half year ago in the age of 46. I enjoy it so much and I hope I will have once the opportunity to play the didge in the streets of Konstanz (a nearby city in Germany). But it will take time. Perhaps in a year ....


    from Achim in Germany

    Hi Sanshi,

    I signed up to your class in august, but it is only 2 weeks tat I came back home and started your classes.

    Great...great..great! I just love it, I am at the circular breathing this week. I'll let you know if I have difficulties.

    Helene in the US

    Hey Sanshi!

    Thanks for your follow up! I ha