Intermediate Didgeridoo Lessons

If you can make some cool sounds on the didgeridoo, have got the circular breathing worked out and have dabbled in playing some simple rhythms… you are in the right place!

Now we’re getting serious! This is where it gets really fun… a little tricky… and super rewarding.

With these techniques, your didgeridoo playing will explode to a new level!

Now we are in the intermediate lessons, it’s time to set the bar high for your drone quality. From this point on, we want your drone beautifully clear and super sharp. Also take the 30, 45 and if you're really brave... 60 second challenge!

In this series of lessons, we set new challenges and share next-level vocal techniques. With these lessons your vocals will become clean, loud and powerful. You will also learn how to make an amazing (but difficult) kookaburra call

Double tonguing, triple tonguing, vocal layering and tongue roll bending. It’s easier than it looks and sounds even better

Time for some groovy new diaphragm techniques. We take your diaphragm pulses further and also introduce you to dynamic diaphragm control which will add mystery to your playing

It's time to get circular breathing feeling easy, so you can play for hours without being tired. Then we show you how to do bounce-breathing. This circular breathing technique is your launch pad into faster, pulsing, diaphragmatic rhythm playing. You are gunna love this one!

Tooting, overtones, trumpets... they all refer to the same technique. A very simple sound which is very difficult to perfect. We walk you through the right steps

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