Didgeridoo Vocals & Sounds

In this lesson we show you another little nifty vocal sound to add to your bag of tricks. It is inspired by the tree frog. It's easy to do and can sound great

Often it’s the subtle sounds that really add dimension to your didgeridoo playing. In this lesson we show you how to blend your voice with your drone to make it super rich and strong

Learn how to make a super quick vocal pop. This technique sounds great and is an awesome addition to your didge rhythms

Want a loud bark that the neighbours will hear? Learn how to crank out a punchy bark that won’t be missed

This difficult, but fantastic technique will unlock new doors for your didgeridoo playing. It will also help you make the most amazing kookaburra sound

Every didge player wants to be able to do a great kookaburra. We show you how to play an AMAZING kookaburra using a combination of techniques. Warning: this is challenging!

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