Tongue & Mouthshapes on the didgeridoo

In this lesson, we introduce you to double tonguing. This new technique is a great trick to play faster

Learn how to add vocals to your double tonguing technique. This is one of the techniques used in the advanced kookaburra so get practicing, it will be worth it

In this lesson, we introduce you to triple tonguing

In this lesson, we show you how to add vocals to your triple tonguing technique

In this lesson we combine double and triple tonguing into a groovy rhythm. It may challenge your co-ordination, but it’s great practice to get comfortable with your tonguing techniques

In this lesson we combine double tonguing, triple tonguing and vocals. Getting trickier… but its worth it!

Subtle changes in the movement of your tongue leads to new and interesting sounds. In this lesson we explore retroflexed tonguing, a new tongue movement to add to your repertoire

Combining techniques is a great way to add dynamics to your didge playing. Here we show you how to spice up your tongue roll sound

Harmonics are such a big part of your didgeridoo sound. It’s time now to get the most out of your harmonic range and use the variation to spice up your playing

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