In this section of the Dojo we dig deeper on didgeridoo circular breathing and look at ways to advance your circular breathing technique to make different sounds on the didge and prepare you for some of the more complex didgeridoo rhythms.

Ever listened to didgeridoo playing and not known where the player is breathing? It’s now time to smooth out your “breath sound”

Once you have leant the circular breathing technique, your next frustration might be still running out of air. Add these tips to your playing and be able to play for hours

Not long ago, if we said “let me show you how to breathe out while playing", you would have thought we were nuts! Now that you are confident with circular breathing, let us show you another trick to help balance your air

Ah… here it is… bounce breathing. This circular breathing technique is your launch pad into faster, pulsing, diaphragmatic rhythm playing. You are gunna love this one!

Here we show you how to do a double bounce breath. This technique will allow you to join breaths together which will speed up your playing dramatically

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