Rhythm Library

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to combine the techniques you know into catchy didgeridoo rhythms that sounds great. The difficultly is knowing what to play.

That’s were the Didgeridoo Dojo Rhythm Library comes in!

Right here, you have access to loads of didge rhythms to suit all playing levels. Even better, we break each rhythm down and teach you how to play them.

You’ll find a huge range of rhythms from slow and melodic, to super groovy, to soooo complex you’d swear you would need 3 tongues and an extra set of lungs to play them.


Here you will find a collection of great rhythms to help you get the hang of playing didgeridoo rhythms. They are perfect for practicing your circular breathing and getting comfortable with techniques learned in the Beginner Sessions

Ready to take your didge playing to a new level? Here you will find a series of rhythms which combine new techniques learned in the Intermediate Sessions. They will be challenging and may be a little tricky at first, but keep at it, you will be sounding fantastic!

Ok now we're serious! Time to wind your didge playing off the dial and tackle some complex rhythms using everything we now know. Slow, fast and everything in between, these rhythms will help you polish your didgeridoo playing to perfection

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