Didgeridoo Buyers Guide

Didgeridoo Buyers Guide

Is it time for you to buy a Didgeridoo? How do you buy a Didgeridoo online? Do you need information to help you buy a Didgeridoo?

Selecting and purchasing a didgeridoo can be a big decision. When you’re in our shop at Didgeridoo Breath in Fremantle, Australia, you can work with us one-on-one and pickup, play, and feel the didgeridoo you’re about to buy.

When you’re not near a shop, it’s a little harder to know what type of didgeridoo you like and what all the different factors are when buying your didgeridoo.

In the end we hope that all of the information on this website will help you explore, discover and experience more than what you came here for. If you are looking for a Didgeridoo, we hope this Didgeridoo buying guide will assist you to make a better than our great Didgeridoo selection, be it from elsewhere or from us.

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If you choose to shop with us (of course, we really hope you do!) you can be assured we take your trust in us seriously, as an honor and as an awesome responsibility. We believe that together, our relationship with you will be long lasting, fruitfull and rewarding for both of us.

We are a happy bunch as it is, but you have no idea how happy it makes us when we make you happy! Truly, there are mini celebrations going on everyday here, every time we receive feedback from you telling us how happy you are with our service and your new goodies.

Buying online from Didgeridoo Breath

Whether it’s your first didgeridoo, or you’re an experienced player looking to round out your collection, we’ve put together some tips for you. You can navigate these tips on the left-hand side of the page under the didgeridoo buyer’s guide links or at the very bottom of the page.

Throughout these videos we’ll refer to different parts of this page, the key, the sound sample, the length and so forth so – in the screenshot below we’ve highlighted some of the key areas on our product pages to give you some context on what we’re referring to. Click the image to enlarge it.

Didgeridoo Product Pages Explained

How to use this guide

Go ahead and click on the top left link on the left hand-side or the link a little further down this page to start viewing the tips in our online didgeridoo buyer’s guide.

“Thanks so much for your advice in selecting and purchasing my first didgeridoo! You made the process easy for me to understand the different factors of a didgeridoo and what to take into consideration when purchasing one. I even took a peak at the guides to buying your second didgeridoo and for advanced players. Great info! THANKS!!”
Ann, July 2013 - DidgeridooBreath.com Customer


This video tells and shows you the differences in didgeridoo bell-ends and how it affects your didgeridoo's sound.

In this video, you'll learn how the length of each didgeridoo can affect it's sound and how the size can determine playing ranges from low pitches to high pitches.

In this lesson, you'll learn about natural didgeridoo mouthpieces and Australian beeswax didgeridoo mouthpieces. There's also a guide for applying your beeswax mouthpiece.

In this lesson, you'll learn about the different sounds a didgeridoo makes. You can hear the differences to pick out which pitch you want to purchase based on different sound clips.

You'll learn a little more about finishes on didgeridoos whether they are natural, hand painted, glossy, matte, and other types. This video will show you the most simple way to narrow down your didgeridoo selection to buy.

This lesson will tell you a little about the different types of woods that didgeridoos are made out of and what to focus on when buying a didgeridoo.

The pricing of a didgeridoo is affected by a lot of different factors. This video will explain the differences in didgeridoo pricing and how they affect pricing.

This video will wrap up the details about how to purchase your first didgeridoo and give you some suggestions on different features to focus on for your first didgeridoo.

It's time to buy your second didgeridoo. This video will help you figure out what didgeridoo to purchase in comparison to your first didgeridoo.

This lesson will show you how you can purchase a high-end didgeridoo whether you're buying in person or online over a shop. You can also see some of the different ways to look for didgeridoo details online.

Nearly every Didgeridoo on the planet is unique. Impossible to replace. Surely that fact alone makes caring for and protecting your Didgeridoo a priority!

On this page you'll find a detailed didgeridoo bag buyers guide and short video where Simon runs through a selection of the different types of Didgeridoo Bags available on the market.

How do I clean my didgeridoo? A very common question, here Sanshi demonstrates his didgeridoo cleaning technique.

This video shows you step-by-step, how to fix or replace a beeswax didgeridoo mouthpiece. Get yourself a replacement didgeridoo beeswax mouthpiece kit from our online store, watch this video and you will have a beautiful new didge mouthpiece. If you have any questions at all, please let us know.

Didgeridoo Buyers Guide
Didgeridoo Buyers Guide broken down into quick, educational videos for you

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