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Didgeridoo Decoration Overview

The most visual aspect of selecting a didgeridoo is the artwork and decoration — also known as the finish.

As the most basic level, there are three primary types of finishes:  plain natural eucalyptus, polished eucalyptus, or painted.

Here are images of four didgeridoos with different finishes on them:

Beautiful Hand Painted Dark Blue Didgeridoo

Fully painted didgeridoo

Hand Painted Curved Didgeridoo

Partially painted didgeridoo

Didgeridoo wide bell end

Natural finish didgeridoo

Natural finish didgeridoo with a straight bell end

Smooth finish didgeridoo

A natural finish will generally have some work done on the outside of the didgeridoo to make it smoother and nice to hold. Didgeridoos with a natural finish can have a glossy finish or a non-glossy finish.

Didgeridoos that are painted can have many different types of paintings, designs, artwork, or decoration. The decoration can range from a very basic design such as simple lines or a color stripe on the didgeridoo to very intricate and aboriginal images, designs, and patterns.

There are factories that can mass produce didgeridoo finishes and there are also didgeridoo artists that make very few and put an extensive amount of time and effort into making the didgeridoo play better as well as look amazing.

The finish of a didgeridoo is personal preference.

Click on these links to take a peak at more didgeridoos with different finishes and made by different didgeridoo makers and artists over at Didgeridoo Breath.

Key Points

  • The finish of the didgeridoo does not affect the sound
  • The different finishes are: plain natural eucalyptus, polished eucalyptus, or painted
  • The painted didgeridoos at didgeridoo breath are painted and bought from aboriginal artists
  • Make sure to listen to didgeridoo before buying it as they all sound different
  • The different finishes of didgeridoos are personal preference

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