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How much does a didgeridoo cost?

Didgeridoos range greatly in prices. This video will help you understand why some didgeridoos can range from $99 to $2,000 and more.

The biggest factor for the price of a didgeridoo is craftsmanship. There are two didgeridoos both made out of eucalyptus wood below. One is $99 and one is over twenty times as expensive priced at over $2,000.

Which instrument is going to be crafted better? If you guess the didgeridoo at over $2,000, then you’re right.

The $99 didgeridoo was picked out of the forest pretty quickly and made into a good looking didgeridoo very quickly. The person or company that crafted this didgeridoo probably makes a lot of these in a day.

The didgeridoo worth over $2,000 is made by Jesse Lethbridge. He probably spent a day or two searching around the forest for just the right wood. After that, he most likely took the didgeridoo back and spent days or weeks testing the sounds, smoothing it out, making small tweaks, and painting it. A lot more time, energy, and craftsmanship was put into this didgeridoo than the cheaper one compared here.

Here are images of the two different didgeridoos for comparison. A $99 didgeridoo and a didgeridoo worth over $2,000.

Natural finish didgeridoo with a straight bell end
$99 Didgeridoo with a straight bell end
Beautiful Hand Painted Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo
$2,160 Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo

The differences aren’t always this big. Sometimes artists will prefer to find many pieces of timber at a time, make sure they play great, and then put a finish on them. They will put effort and their own craftsmanship into each didgeridoo.

It’s important to check out the sources of the didgeridoo and find a reputable seller. There are many shops that sell souvenir didgeridoos that are hand-painted and priced high so you believe they are authentic, but then the sound quality has been neglected. Please, check your source and make sure you can trust the people you’re buying your didgeridoo from or you can physically play and test it out before purchasing.

Key Points

  • Most important factors in pricing – effort put into the instrument by the maker, the sound quality and artwork
  • The cheaper priced didgeridoos might be chopped up from trees and produced on a larger scale so less time is taken in selecting and refining each didgeridoo. They generally come in natural or polished finishes
  • The more work and craftsmanship that’s put into a didgeridoo generally the more expensive it will be.
  • A craftsmen might search deep into the forest for days to find the perfect wood and put in extra work to smooth out the tone and quality of the didgeridoo’s feel and sound.
  • Some other factors affecting the price are:
    Has the didgeridoo been reinforced?
    What is the artwork made out of?
    Has it been painted in a more traditional style such as using chewed up grass?

An important note: Didgeridoo Breath is a fair trade company who buys directly from the artists themselves so each purchase goes straight to supporting the artist.

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