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How to Choose the Length of your Didgeridoo

Each didgeridoo has a different drone in a particular note or key. This is one of the primary factors to consider when choosing a didgeridoo. The length of a didgeridoo is a big factor in what key it plays.

As a beginner, the didgeridoo you are after is from 100cm -40inches, or even better 120cm (47inches) to 145cm (58inches) in length. Basically the longer the didgeridoo the deeper the sound it produces. That’s a general rule and often proven wrong, darn termites always breaking the rules.

You can definitely play a 100cm (40inches), didgeridoo for fun and the learning. It will be high pitched and need a fast tight vibration of the lips, good fun but it will restrict your sound range. Some of the shorter plastic Didgeridoos are great playing and sounding; they tend to be skinnier in the bore so play will as a shorter instrument.

Here are some links we’ll refer to a couple times in this didgeridoo buyers guide to reference didgeridoo sizes, pitches, and sounds.


Small Natural Finish Didgeridoo

Small Natural Finish Didgeridoo
Key – F#
Length – 103cm

Medium Natural Finish Didgeridoo

Medium Natural Finish Didgeridoo
Key – E
Length – 107cm

Key Points

  • Each didgeridoo is completely unique based on how the tree is grown and how termites have hollowed out the inside
  • You should listen to the drone the didgeridoo makes first when buying
  • The sound can range from a low, deep drone or a high-pitched drone
  • There is no best note/key for a didgeridoo. It’s based on your personal preference

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