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What mouthpiece should my didgeridoo have?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to mouthpieces on a didgeridoo. Some didgeridoos can be played and keep a seal without beeswax. Beeswax mouthpieces are used on didgeridoos so that you can have a comfortable seal that connects your mouth to the didgeridoo.

By being able to gently mold the beeswax, you can adjust it so that the mouthpiece is most comfortable for you.

Most didgeridoo players prefer to use beeswax mouthpieces.

Over time your didgeridoo beeswax mouthpiece will become dirty, broken or worn down. It is very simple to change this yourself with the right mouthpiece kit and instructions.

Key Points

  • You don’t need a beeswax mouthpiece if the end is smooth, but most players prefer one
  • Beeswax mouthpieces are nice, soft, natural antiobiotic. Keep the didgeridoo comfortable
  • Customize your mouthpiece to your mouth
  • Adjust the beeswax mouthpiece to find your sweet spot

Beeswax Mouthpieces in More Detail

In the video below Sanshi gives us a quick demo on how to change your Beeswax Mouthpiece:

You can buy simple replacement beeswax mouthpieces here.

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