9 of 10 – Your Second Didgeridoo

What to look for when buying your second didgeridoo

After you’ve been playing for awhile, you should have a better idea of what type of didgeridoo you’re looking for. This video will help you figure out which didgeridoo to get for your second one.

We recommend mixing it up when purchasing your second didgeridoo. Change it up. Start to think about rounding out your collection.

If you have a smaller didgeridoo that’s a higher pitched sound for your first didgeridoo, don’t buy another higher pitched sound for your second one. If you do that, then you’ll be replacing your first didgeridoo instead of rounding out your collection.

By switching it up, you’ll learn how to play a different didgeridoo.

If you have a higher pitched didgeridoo, we recommend buying a big, low pitched didgeridoo for your second one. You’ll have to play it with different lip vibrating speeds and different amounts of air. It can be challenging and you can greatly improve your didgeridoo skills by mixing it up on the second didgeridoo.

If you haven’t compared different sound clips on our website yet, listen to these three different clips. Find the closest didgeridoo pitch to your sound and then pick one far away from it!


Small Natural Finish Didgeridoo

Small Natural Finish Didgeridoo
Key – F#
Length – 103cm

Medium Natural Finish Didgeridoo

Medium Natural Finish Didgeridoo
Key – E
Length – 107cm

In general, the key ranges look like this: (lowest pitch on the left, to highest pitch on the right)

A, A#, B, C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, G#, A.

So that means if you have a high G, then find a lower pitched didgeridoo that you like from the low A to E keys. This will make sure that you can produce a more broad range of sounds from your first and second didgeridoos and that you’ll push yourself to play a slightly different instrument.

Key Points

  • We recommend mixing it up and diversifying your style
  • Is your first didgeridoo shorter and higher pitched? Mix it up and purchase a larger, deeper sounding didge
  • Try purchasing a didgeridoo with different artwork
  • By mixing it up, you can challenge yourself and learn to play something completely different

Watch on Youtube

The Didgeridoo Buyers Guide series is completely free. Youtube links to these videos are below.

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