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Didgeridoo Bell End Overview

The didgeridoo bell end is the bottom part of some didgeridoos that curves out wider than the rest of the didgeridoo. Didgeridoos with a very wide bell end have a very deep sound and feeling. This means that when you play a didgeridoo that’s wide and also has a wide bell end, you’ll feel it more. The sound resonates so much that you’ll feel it in your bones.

The feeling is similar to really deep base and feeling that big subwoofer speakers can play. You hear it, but you also really feel it.

When playing a didgeridoo with a more narrow bell end, you don’t feel the vibration as much? You can still achieve play high and low sounds, but the won’t resonate as much.

Didgeridoo bell ends are sometimes shaped differently depending on how the wood was cut and how the termites hollowed it out.

Here are three pictures of didgeridoos. Two with bell ends that curve out and one with almost a straight bell end. Which do you prefer?

Natural finish didgeridoo with a straight bell end
Didgeridoo with a straight bell end
Painted Didgeridoo with a wide bell end
Didgeridoo with a wide bell end
Didgeridoo wide bell end  
Didgeridoo with a wider bell end

Key Points

  • Each didgeridoo is completely unique based on how the tree is grown and how termites have hollowed out the inside
  • You should listen to the drone the didgeridoo makes first when buying
  • The sound can range from a low, deep drone or a high-pitched drone
  • There is no best note/key for a didgeridoo. It’s based on your personal preference
  • Let us know if you’re stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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