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Buying a high-end Didgerido

This video tells you more about all the detail we put online and how we’ll help evaluate each high-end didgeridoo so you can be guaranteed you’re happy with your purchase. We want to give you as much information as possible about the didgeridoo you’re interested in purchasing. Some of the ways we provide as much detail as possible for you are:

  • 360 degree photos of the didgeridoo with great zooming ability to zoom in really close and inspect your future didgeridoo
  • Sample video sound of the didgeridoo so you can hear with it sounds like with a review from one of our experts at Didgeridoo Breath
  • Contact info for the Didgeridoo Breath (and we actually want you to call!)
Details on our online website
How to Purchase a high-end didgeridoo

Different details on our high-end didgeridoo. Sound clips of us playing the didgeridoo in the shop, an image to zoom into, and below that, we have heaps more detail on the didgeridoo.

360 degree photo with zooming

(The image below is a screenshot, check it out at DidgeridooBreath)

Purchasing Your High-End Didgeridoo 360 degree photo

We have 360 hi-res photos that you can zoom into to see all the different angles and details of your future high-end didgeridoo

We go through a lot of extra effort to make sure that you’re more than happy with your purchase. Its often sad seeing these incredible works of art leave our shop, but we’re also really excited that you’ll be the person receiving it and enjoying it. If you have any questions, please contact us at the shop. We love getting your phone calls and talking with you to help you make sure you’re purchasing the perfect high-end didgeridoo for you.

Here’s our contact info!

Didgeridoo Breath


6 Market St, Fremantle, WA, 6160, Australia
1 minute walk from Fremantle train station!


Within Australia (08) 9430 6009
International +61 8 9430 6009

We’re open 7 days and in GMT+8 timezone, the current time at the shop is listed on the Contact Us page


[email protected]

Key Points

  • We understand you can’t always come to the store in Fremantle, Australia
  • For all our high end didgeridoos, we put as much information as possible online
  • You can zoom in and inspect each high-end didgeridoo through a 360 degree photo
  • There is a sound and video file of us playing the didgeridoo
  • If you’re still confused and want to talk more, give us a call at the shop. We love helping you and will do everything we can to make sure the didgeridoo is perfect for you

Watch on Youtube

The Didgeridoo Buyers Guide series is completely free. Youtube links to these videos are below.

Let us know if you’re stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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