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What Note or Key should my Didgeridoo be in?

The drone of a didgeridoo actually plays at a particular key, depending on the dimensions of the inside, outside, the finish, bell etc of the instrument. As every didgeridoo is different, Didgeridoos will produce different keys. Basically didgeridoos generally range in key from low A, very deep sound, to high A ,little screamers.

The best keys we have found to learn with are anywhere between and including the key of C and E. Yet there are some incredibly playable F key Didgeridoos that I wouldn’t avoid, especially the longer ones. Don’t panic; all of our didgeridoos have the key written next to them. You can listen to the sound files as well.

The A’s high and low are extremes and rarely played. Low key B didgeridoos are known as Devil Didgeridoos because of their incredibly low bone rattling drone, they also tend to take too much air for beginners to be able to keep up with. High key F# and G Didgeridoos are great for faster rhythms but if you’re just beginning you probably don’t need to go there yet either.

Here is some information on a few different didgeridoos along with their sound clips and link to the Didgeridoo Breath site.


Small Natural Finish Didgeridoo

Small Natural Finish Didgeridoo
Key – F#
Length – 103cm

Medium Natural Finish Didgeridoo

Medium Natural Finish Didgeridoo
Key – E
Length – 107cm

Key Points

  • Each didgeridoo is completely unique based on how the tree is grown and how termites have hollowed out the inside
  • You should listen to the drone the didgeridoo makes first when buying
  • The sound can range from a low, deep drone or a high-pitched drone
  • There is no best note/key for a didgeridoo. It’s based on your personal preference
  • The biggest, lowest sounding didgeridoos are often bad for beginners because of the amount of air it takes to play them. If you don’t have the basics such as circular breathing mastered, then a didgeridoo with a middle note will help you improve faster.

Watch on Youtube

The Didgeridoo Buyers Guide series is completely free. Youtube links to these videos are below.

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