How to Clean A Didgeridoo

When playing a didgeridoo it is inevitable that a fair amount of moisture (dribble) is going to get on the inside. If you play for long enough, you may see some dribble come out the end – don’t panic, this is normal :). Over time your didgeridoo can start to smell a bit fusty especially if you’re in a damp or more humid climate and this can cause bacteria to grow inside your didge which isn’t great.

In this video Sanshi shows you how to clean the inside of you didgeridoo. In the video he’s using eucalyptus oil which can be very strong smelling however orange oil works equally as well and has a much better smell and generally what we recommend.

We stock a fantastic orange oil from Gilly Stephenson over at Didgeridoo Breath – This Australian orange oil works to restore colour to your didge, and is a unique product which disguises scuffs and scratches. The new and improved formula possesses great cleaning properties which are ideal for sprucing up your didge to make it look good as new once more.

Note: Oil is NOT recommended for polishing the exterior of didges with ochre and/or earth pigments painted on the surface, as it will absorb the oil and change colour.

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