Didgeridoo Beatboxing

Didgeridoo Beatboxing

Check it out! Our first ever guest presenter on Didgeridoo Dojo – Nathan Kaye.

Nathan is here to show you some advanced techniques on the didgeridoo. He has perfected the craft of beatboxing, not just with his mouth but using the didgeridoo as an additional tool to enhance the sound.

You can follow Nathan as he takes you through 11 beatboxing lessons as well as 3 creative rhythm timing lessons and 2 breathing exercises. Nathan has been performing and teaching workshops for a number of years and like Sanshi, has the uncanny ability to break down something complex like beatboxing into simple to follow steps.

The first three lessons are available completely free of charge. If you wish to purchase the full set with MP4 video and MP3 audio downloads just click the buy button below and follow the checkout process.

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More about Nathan Kaye

Nathan is a man of many, many talents – you can learn more about him over at his website www.nathankaye.com and while you’re at it, check out Nathan’s albums on iTunes AND make sure you hit up his Facebook page with a like.

Slow and Steady wins the race…

Remember to take these lessons slowly, and master one technique before moving on to the next. You should be able to perform each technique so easily that you are bored with it before you are ready to move on to the next one. Learning each part of the beatboxing technique individually will give you a much better overall feel for beatboxing as a whole.

Beginners to beatboxing or the didgeridoo should note – Nathan is truly a legend at what he does. He is only able to incorporate a guitar into the mix because of his years of experience. If you are just starting out, don’t make things more complicated by trying to use the guitar too.

So don’t wait – get started on your path to beatboxing on the didgeridoo with the lessons below!

Didgeridoo Beatboxing!
Didgeridoo beatboxing presented by Nathan Kaye

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