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Lesson overview

After Nathan showed you the standalone beatbox technique in the last lesson, now he is going to show you how to really use it on your didgeridoo. So grab your didgeridoo again and let’s see you are coming along.

Lesson goals

  • Create your beatbox voice with the didgeridoo up to your lips
  • Learn the proper way to time your breathing and know when is the right time for each kind of breath
  • Practice keeping your lips vibrating while performing the drone and using your beatbox voice

Training tips

  • If you are having trouble don’t hesitate to continue practicing your “buns and beaches” technique without using the didgeridoo. Once you feel comfortable with the technique on its own then you can try it again on the didgeridoo
  • Once you learn how to keep your lips vibrating during the drone, the rest of the steps will become very easy for you
  • As you already know, your breathing technique is very important for playing the didgeridoo. This goes double for beatboxing on the didgeridoo due to the new sounds that you will be making
  • Remember, if you still need more time to practice what you learned in this lesson, don’t try to move on to the next lesson quite yet. Make sure you can perform everything in this lesson so easily that it bores you before moving on

Were you able to perform the technique featured in this lesson? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below

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