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Lesson overview

In this lesson Nathan is going to introduce you to the basics of beatboxing on the didgeridoo. While Nathan starts out demonstrating on the didgeridoo, for this lesson you can put your didgeridoo aside for a bit and learn to beatbox on your own first.

Lesson goals

  • Learn how to create the “beat”, “snare” and “clap” sounds with your beatbox voice
  • Establish a rhythm by saying “buns and beaches” in your beatbox voice
  • Learn to use your “buns and beaches” rhythm while letting the vowels just “whisper” out

Training tips

  • Make sure you already have the circular breathing technique down and can produce a good drone noise. If you still need work on those techniques then you will find beatboxing too difficult
  • Don’t try to move too fast. If you still need to work on your beatbox voice, or the “buns and beaches” rhythm, master that before trying it on the didgeridoo
  • Everyone is different. Some people might get the technique down in 10 tries, others might need 1000 tries. Just keep practicing and you WILL get the technique down
  • Don’t worry if your beatboxing doesn’t sound as good as Nathan’s – it will get better with time. The most important part here is to understand the technique behind it all

After you try out your beatboxing voice, let us know how it went in the comments section below

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