Preparing to play

Lesson overview

Before we start playing, here is some useful information about how to hold the didgeridoo, the best places to play and the different sounds that each unique didgeridoo can make.

Lesson content

  • The didgeridoo is one of oldest woodwind instruments in the world
  • It originated in northern Australia and is played by the indigenous tribes of the land
  • Didgeridoos are traditionally made from eucalyptus trees that are naturally hollowed out by termites
  • The mouthpiece end can have beeswax applied to make it more comfortable to play and a better size to seal the vibration
  • Didgeridoos play in different keys or pitches depending on the shape, length, width and wall thickness
  • Sit in a comfortable position, upright, so you can breath easy
  • Play in an area that has good acoustics so the sound you make bounces back to you. This way you are hearing more of the sound that everyone else hears, not the dull vibration you can hear in your head. The kitchen or bathroom works great!

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