Dog bark sound on the didgeridoo

Lesson overview

In this lesson we show you how to make a dog bark sound on the didgeridoo. You make the dog bark by adding your voice.

Lesson goals

  • Keep a steady, controlled drone while making your dog bark
  • Be able to play a short, sharp bark
  • Be able to adjust the volume of your barks – quieter and louder
  • Try and play more than 10 barks using just one breath

Training tips

  • Your brain will want to try and blow harder instead of just adding your voice. Remember, your airflow and drone should remain the same, just add your voice over the top
  • Remember to follow the 3 steps
    1. First make the dog bark with your voice, but without the didgeridoo
    2. Then make the same sound through your vibrating lips
    3. Then play the same sound on your didgeridoo
  • Use the words “KA… KA… KA… KA” to get a sharp bark
  • Use a high pitched “cartoon” voice
  • The higher pitched your voice, the clearer you will hear the sound

Give it a try, let us know how you go and if you get stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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