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How To Play A Didgeridoo

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A Little History About the Didgeridoo Dojo

How we got our name:

The word dojo comes from a Japanese that literally means “place to learn the way”, “place of enlightenment.”
The Japanese term is describing a martial arts temple of learning.

A Japanese term describing a martial arts temple of learning
Literal meaning: “place to learn the way”, “place of enlightenment”

The Didgeridoo Dojo is a place to learn the way of the didgeridoo. 

No… not fighting with a didgeridoo, but learning to play the didgeridoo. It’s a fun place that helps motivate, educate, teach, and help others enjoy the didgeridoo with our passion!

Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience playing and performing with the didgeridoo. We have a shop in Fremantle, Australia called DidgeridooBreath. We sell didgeridoos and similar instruments and accessories. If you have any question about purchasing a didgeridoo, please head over to and check us out!

Information about Didgeridoos

Didgeridoos are air instruments that are played by locking your lips tight together and “buzzing” or “droning” into the didgeridoo to produce a buzz-type sound. As your lips vibrate, not much air is n