Sharper didgeridoo drone: Mona Lisa smile

Lesson overview

There is a big difference between a fuzzy, messy drone and a crisp, sharp, well played drone. We show you one of the greatest tricks to make your drone sound amazing. Getting a clear drone will make everything else you play on the didgeridoo sound so much better.

Lesson goals

  • Play with the Mona Lisa smile to get a sharper sound
  • Know the point where your lips are too tight to play the drone
  • Focus on playing just under this “too tight” point
  • Be able to play for over 10 seconds on one breath

Training tips

  • It’s good to make your smile too tight so the sound goes bad. You will get to know what works and what doesn’t
  • It’s the point just before you lose the drone that will sound the best
  • The better your drone sounds, the less air you will be using
  • Focus on the sound quality, not blowing air
  • Your drone will keep improving over the coming days, weeks, months, years. So keep this technique in mind and practice it every time you play

Give it a try, let us know how you go and if you get stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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