The 15 second didgeridoo challenge

Lesson overview

It’s time to see where you’re at. In this lesson we set the challenge of playing for 15 seconds straight, using just one breath. You will need to use all the techniques we have shown you so far

Lesson goals

  • Play the drone for more than 15 seconds
  • Your drone sounds steady and consistent
  • Your drone sounds clear and sharp

Training tips

  • Remember, blowing down the didgeridoo doesn’t make the sound. It’s the sound of your lips vibrating that is amplified down the didgeridoo to produce the drone
  • Focus on blowing just enough air to vibrate your lips only
  • Timing yourself to see how long you can play for is great practice at using less air to play
  • The clearer your drone, the less air you will be using. The Mona Lisa smile technique will really help you

Give it a try, let us know how you go and if you get stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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