Playing the didgeridoo louder & quieter

Lesson overview

In this lesson, we show you how to use your diaphragm to play louder and quieter. This is a great technique if you want to get a solid, strong and powerful drone. It’s also good practice to see how quiet and gentle you can play

Lesson goals

  • Be able to imitate a car driving past – playing quiet, then loud, then quiet
  • Speed up the car going past
  • Play as loud as you can while keeping control of your lips so you still have a quality drone
  • Play as quiet as you can while maintaining the drone

Training tips

  • When you blow harder by increasing the pressure with your diaphragm, your lips may “blow out”, causing you to lose the drone. Adjust your lip tension to maintain the vibration
  • Use your lip tension to reduce the amount of air you use to play. Even when playing loud, you want to use the smallest amount of air possible
  • Having a clear and sharp drone is important for this technique to sound its best
  • The more you practice, the louder and quieter you will be able to play
  • Regularly come back to this technique to practice and notice your progress

Give it a try, let us know how you go and if you get stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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