Didgeridoo Practice Tracks

An excellent way to strengthen your playing and really lock down your circular breathing and timing is to play along with a practice tempo track. It’s a simple exercise but you will find it will improve your playing quickly.

We’ve recorded a range of practice tracks for you to play along with.

Pick any of your favourite didgeridoo rhythms, or one that you are learning from Sanshi in the lessons, pop on a track and try to play along with it, matching the speed.

Start on the slowest 90bpm (beats per minute) and as you get comfortable with that speed, move to 120bpm. And then if you’re really game, try 150!

You will find that you will need to adjust the size of your breath, and even your technique a little to be able to stick to the speed. This will be challenging at first, but stick with it as this exercise will help turn you into a rock solid didgeridoo rhythm player.



Click here to download these practice tracks in MP3 format.

90bpm (beats per minute)

90bpm shuffle


120bpm shuffle



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