Didgeridoo Practice Tip – How to Improve the Overall Quality of Your Didgeridoo Skills

Practice tips

  • This info is great for when you perform for friends, family or at an event
  • Often the simpler playing can sound stronger
  • People like to be involved with your music (tap their foot and get into the groove). They won’t be able to if you keep changing your rhythms and tempos every few seconds
  • Think about new music on the radio – the first time you listen to it, it may sound ok. Then after a few times you get to really love the song. Same in one song, it’s often the second or third time you hear the chorus that you enjoy it more, as you are familiar with it – you can sing along. This also applies to didgeridoo playing, if people become familiar with the rhythm that you are playing, they can join in and groove along with it
  • As didge players, we get board quickly and feel like we need to keep changing the rhythm, technique or tempo. This is not the case for listeners and it can be frustrating to just get to like a sound or rhythm and then it’s gone!
  • Think about this when next playing in front of people, test this idea and gauge their reaction

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