Didgeridoo Practice Tip – Losing Sound Quality When Playing Didgeridoo

Practice tips

  • It is common to lose the sound quality when playing for a longer period of time. This is due to the muscles in your lips and mouth getting weak
  • Just like push-ups, sit-ups or running, didgeridoo playing is an exercise to strengthen muscles
  • The more you play, the stronger your muscles will get, the longer you can play for, the better the sound quality
  • Even experienced didgeridoo players will lose sound quality when they have a break from playing
  • Time yourself – see how many seconds/minutes you can play for while keeping a sharp sound. Write this time down and keep practicing to make this time longer and longer
  • If you’re playing regularly for longer periods, it’s possible to be able to play for a long time without any sound quality loss
  • Dribble is another thing that can get in your way. Some people get lots of dribble and some people dry up. Consistent practice is the best method to overcome this

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