Didgeridoo sounds: Wee Or Wee Or

Lesson overview

When anyone learning to play the didgeridoo hears this sound, they say “I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT”. It’s a simple technique and sounds excellent. We show you how moving your tongue position changes the harmonics of the drone (dramatically).

Lesson goals

  • Clearly hear the sound changes when moving your tongue in the “wee… or… wee… or” positions
  • Keep your cheeks in tight to get the sharpest sound
  • Increase the range of the “wee” and the “or”
  • Be able to play both slow and fast tongue movements

Training tips

  • Keeping your cheeks in tight and close by using the Mona Lisa smile technique will make a huge difference in the clarity of this technique
  • Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing this for hours, days, weeks, months… it will be worth it!
  • The clearer your drone sounds, the better you will hear the tongue movements
  • Stay gentle. The better it sounds, the less air you will be using

Give it a try, let us know how you go and if you get stuck, post a question in the comments section below

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