Tongue & Mouth Shapes on the Didgeridoo

Changing the position of your tongue and the shape of your mouth while playing the didgeridoo will make some truly unique sounds. Unlike using your voice, the following exercises are done by mouth movement only.

Use your tongue to mime the phrase “dar… dar… dar…” while playing the drone. You will notice that the letter “d” stops the air coming out briefly. Try this both slow and fast but always controlled.

Use your tongue to mime the phrase “dee… dee… dee…” while playing the drone. You will notice the sharper drone sound by miming the “ee”.

Mime the word “did-ge-ri-doo” while playing. To begin with keep the syllables separate and clear. At first you may only hear a subtle difference in your drone but keep up the practice, it will get clearer and clearer.

Now experiment to see what other sounds you can make by moving your tongue and mouth.

Below are more lessons on tongue & mouth shapes including making the Kangaroo sound!

It’s time to spice up the harmonics of your didgeridoo drone. This simple technique will transform your sound and impress your friends and family

This exercise is an extension of the last lesson. It will bend and mould your face muscles into different shapes. This will produce new didgeridoo sounds

No didgeridoo demo is complete without playing the famous Australian kangaroo. As well as sounding great, this technique is excellent practice to get confident at starting your drone

You can make great sound changes by actually miming the name of the instrument itself… “didgeridoo”. In this lesson we also show you how to use this technique to play your first rhythm

Here we explore more ways to make new sounds with your tongue movements. Here we show you the “tongue roll”

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