Elliot Welsford

Elliot is our adventurous globe trotter. He loves to travel and explore this exciting world. He has a gift for teaching and uses his skills by teaching English on his overseas trips.

Elliot also loves to explore the great land of Australia and has heaps of experience running tours around the north west.

He has a super keen eye too and loves taking photos. Elliot has some superb shots from his travels around Australia and the world.

We love having Elliot around! His cheeky nature, spark and enthusiasm light up our day. When you come visit us, you will be in the best hands and are sure to have a great time.

Elliot thrives on all the good things in life… music, friends, cooking, photography and the beach.

Playing didgeridoo since: 2008

Musical instrument played: didgeridoo, guitar, bass

Favorite food: lemon meringue pie (homemade by Mum of course)

Country most like to visit: Madagascar

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