Yoshitaka Saegusa aka “Sanshi”, Co-Founder

You always know when Sanshi is around. People are laughing, jokes are flying, the store vibe is peaking and amongst the craziness, Sanshi is shaking the walls with some of the most incredible didge playing you will ever hear.

Sanshi is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most talented didgeridoo players – far out this guy can play!
(You can check out some of Sanshi work here: )

He has a heart of gold. His caring nature and generosity are greatly appreciated by everyone around him.

Sanshi was built to perform. There is no doubt you will see Sanshi on a huge stage playing in front of thousands of people, somewhere in the world in the coming years.

He is bubbly, friendly, motivating, encouraging and wacky… and to top it all off… has the coolest hair-do!

When not recording Didgeridoo Dojo lessons for you, you’ll find Sanshi down the beach playing with his family and jamming with friends.

Playing didgeridoo since: 1996

Musical instruments played: didgeridoo, djembe, cajon, native American flute, guitar, iPhone saxaphone

Favorite food: noodles

Country most like to visit: anywhere that makes noodles!

Email: [email protected]

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