Simon Giles

Best way to describe Simon… upbeat, high-octane, a ball of energy and a whole bunch of fun!

Simon is one of those people that lights up a room. His smile is infectious and his positive attitude relentless.

He also has the ability to play any instrument you throw at him! Drums are his main instrument… he can rock out some of the tightest, funkiest drum grooves you will hear. And as for his didge playing… awesome! Simon has completed an advanced diploma in Contemporary Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAPPA) and is now completing his teaching degree to bless the youth of Australia by becoming a music teacher.

In the very scarce downtime that he has, you can be certain that Simon is in his home recording studio working on his latest and greatest tracks, featuring “Simon Giles” playing everything!

His talents don’t stop with music. He has the unique ability to reenact all the funniest lines (word for word) from any animated movie. We are almost certain that Scrat from the movie Ice Age, was inspired by Simon.

Playing didgeridoo since: 1998

Musical instruments: didgeridoo, drums, guitar, bass, vocals, piano

Favorite food: Mum’s homemade lasagna

Country most like to visit: Europe… all of it!

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