Matt Reed, Co-Founder

If we had titles, Matt would be our “Didgeridoo Player, Photographer, Tech Support and Video Guy”. Well that covers a few things anyway.

Matt is always on the go and at quite a pace… his legs are most often blurred.

Not that he will ever admit it, but Matt fancies himself as a bit of a tech geek. He loves the latest toys, gadgets and online innovations. Matt is always implementing this, upgrading that and convincing us of the next latest and greatest something.

He is passionate about music and didgeridoo, but most about creating a place where people love to visit, both in-store and online.

When Matt’s not hanging onto a camera and filming the next lessons to release, you will most likely find him sprawled out in the sun at the beach. He is solar powered, so feed him sun and watch him go!

Playing didgeridoo since: 2001

Musical instruments played: didgeridoo, guitar (in a former life)

Favorite food: chocolate!

Country most like to visit: mmmm… anywhere with good snow!

Email: [email protected]

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