Nathan Kaye

Nathan Kaye

Nathan is our guest presenter on our Didgeridoo Beatboxing lesson series.

Similar to a lot of Blues and roots musicians, he’s a bit of a hippie activist, with many of his songs dealing with subjects like setting aside time from the hustle ‘n’ bustle of modern life to children being locked in detention centers. But he’s also quite the larrikin and loves to spin funny yarns about his adventures on the road, like his Lucky Man Story about the hilarious reactions he got from blokes in the USA to his (ex)girlfriend as they walked down the street.

Unlike other one-man-bands, Nathan pulls out some extremely left-field stuff that defies genre pigeon-holing, but more than pulls it off. Such as his hilarious beatbox routine where he improvises a bunch of audience-chosen requests of cheesy songs and mixes them up like a DJ.

Nathan has maintained a fiercely independent DIY approach to his original music and has managed to carve out a solid career, even if it sometimes meant going from playing to thousands at festivals with Triple J airplay to small numbers at organic cafes. As long as he’s bringing people together playing live music and earning a living, he’s a happy man.

Nathan’s music will draw you in and make you think, make you laugh and make you move.

For more info about Nathan and his music visit his website at or on iTunes

Here’s a sneak preview of Nathan and the beatboxing lessons below – click here or Beatboxing from the menu to get the first 3 lessons in the beatboxing lesson series free of charge.

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